Mark Habashy

Welcome to my website! I am a software engineer and data scientist. The website serves as my online resume, in addition to having some of my projects deployed.

Tech Stack used in building the website; AWS EC2, Nginx, GoLang, Python Microservices, and Javascript.


Rutgers University New Brunswick

Bachelor of Science
Major - Computer Science
Minor - Physics

GPA: 3.8 - Graduated Summa Cum Laude

January 2016 - January 2020


Software Engineer

Multiforce Systems Corporation
Fuel Management System Backend

Developed new features and RESTful APIs using the Django framework. Migrated the codebase migration from Python 2 to Python 3 while maintaining backwards compatibility to allow upgrading of newer releases of Django.

Fuel Consumption Predictor

Developed a regression model with uncertainty estimation using Pytorch topredict fueling patterns of drivers. Helped clients detect possible fuel consumption issues to decrease costs.

Credit Card Authorization Interfaces

Developed Interfaces using C to connect a backend to many APIs forcredit card authorization. The interfaces used protocols, such as, HTTP, Telnet and WebSocket, and translatedbetween different formats, such as, XML, JSON,and bit fields

Publish/Subscribe Real-Time Data Streamer

Developed a system in Python and C to transmit/receive data between multiple remote endpoints and a centralized backend in real-time via a publish/subscribe mechanism.

Infrastructure Virtualization

Developed a system using Python and Ansible to migrate away from physical hardware by generating virtual machine replicas of existing physical infrastructure. Decreased downtime from several hours to several minutes through redundancy and snapshot backups.

Continuous Integration/ Continuous Deployment System

Developed a system using Python and Ansible to automate testing and deployment of new software revisions with a visual fronted implemented through Python’s buildbot.

Database Fail-over System

Implemented a database fail-over system with a master database and multiple distributed slave databases. Developed a command line interface for internal use to switch database roles in case ofthe master failure. Decreased downtime from several hours to several minutes.

January 2018 - Present

Data Analyst Intern

Rutgers University
Large Hadron Collider Data Analysis

Analyzed data collected from the Large Hadron Collider using Python and C to support scientists’ research into High Energy Physics

April 2016 - November 2016


Stock Market Sentiment Analyzer

A program to predict daily market sentiment for an input stock through a Naive Bayes model. Obtained online data for training and predicting through API and web scraping of multiple major financial news sources online.

A neural network that generates fake handwritten digits. The model is deployed to this website. Click on the title to go to the the interactive page.



Python, C, GoLang, Javascript, C++ (Prior Experience), Java (School Projects)


PostgreSQL, Redis

Version Control Systems


Internet Technologies

Django, HTML5, CSS3

Operating Systems

Linux, FreeBSD, MacOS, Windows

DevOps Technologies

Ansible, Vagrant, Jails, Nginx, HAproxy

Machine Learning and Data Science

Tensorflow, Pytorch, Scikit-learn, PySpark

Cloud Technologies


Awards & Certifications